About Me
My name is Ethan Mathes, and this is my website! I built it from scratch so you can check out a bunch of the cool stuff I've done in college, as well as my work experience. The projects and pieces displayed here are a showcase of my talents, skills, and knowledge acquired through my studies. I have a Bachelor's in Games, Interactive Media, and Mobile with a minor in Information Technology Management. I am also currently working as a Software Engineer at STACK FOUNDRY. Look around, enjoy, and feel free to contact me!
Technical Skills
Next.js, React, React Native, TypeScript, C#, C++
Art Software
Photoshop, Premier Pro, Maya, Roadkill, Substance Painter
Other Relevant Software
Unity, Unreal Engine, GitHub
Work Experience
Software Engineer (STACK FOUNDRY, MAY 2020-CURRENT)
Currently working as a software engineer at STACK FOUNDRY since May of 2020. During my time at this company I've worked on a number of projects, including the Five Pencil Method website, it's companion app, and the Pure Position website. I've primarily worked with NextJS and Typescript, but I've also worked on Windows .NET applications and used React Native to build the aforementioned app.
Bachelor's of Science degree through the College of Innovation and Design at Boise State University.
Major: Games, Interactive Media, and Mobile
Minor: Information Technology Management